‘Elephant Talk presents the perfect combination of crafted group arrangement wedded to outstanding solo abilities. Everything they play is co-equally considered and inspired, moving graciously and effortlessly from the tender to the intensely passionate. Any set by this band presents unalloyed beauty from start to finish and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who enjoys jazz of this or any age.’ – Digby Fairweather

London-based septet, Elephant Talk, takes the harmonic and rhythmic language of jazz and melds it with a visceral rock energy. Drawing on the compositions of guitarist James Maltby, the group moves away from the jazz tradition of extended improvisation, instead using sparing and focused solo features as part of larger musical narratives. Carefully-crafted ensemble arrangements utilise the full range of a three-horn front line and electric rhythm section, capable of shifting from delicate melodicism to full-throttle fusion. 

Joe Fenning - Trombone
Sam Knight - Tenor Saxophone
Jack Banjo Courtney - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
James Maltby - Guitar
David Swan - Keys
Ollie Copeland - Bass guitar
Floyer Sydenham - Drums